Our interests.


Bed and Borders. 

Herbacious Perennials, Annuals, Biennials and Bedding plants provide colour and interest; planted to formal effect, carpets of colour, baskets, containers or in more informal mixed country cottage style effect the choices are endless. We can assist you in the planting, maintenance and seasonal tidying of such borders. 

Trees, Shrubs and Hedges 

Trees, Shrubs and Hedges provide stature, height, permanence, seasonal variation, noise and pollution filtering. Unskilled contractors often prune them into unnatural similar blobs and carry out ill timed pruning operations. We prune to maintain potential flowering or foliage displays. These perennials can help you achieve a low cost and attractive addition to your garden. 
Wildlife Gardening. 

We can help you achieve gardening which helps create and maintain biodiversity. Careful management of artificial environments is required to achieve abundant native flora and fauna capable of supporting diverse native species. Without management the dominant species may take hold limiting this diversity and encouraging an untidy unkempt appearance. For example; wildlife meadows are not created by simply not mowing. But instead by depleting soil fertility, following a disciplined mowing pattern at the right heights and introducing native species. Photo Copyright Peter Trimming licensed 4 reuse    

Lawns and landscapes. 

If you have a 'problem lawn' and are contemplating reseeding or turf then we can advise you accordingly as to the advantages and disadvantages of both options and the type of grass suitable for your needs. We can carry out lawn maintenance operations knowing the correct height and frequency of cutting, the correct scarification and aeration principles. We can also recognise common lawn pests and diseases and carry out remedial treatments. Additionally, we are qualified to use selective herbicides, fertilizers and top dressings. 
Chainsaw use 

We can carry out basic chainsaw operations and hold City and Guilds and NSPTC certification in Chain Saw maintenance (CS30.1) and cross cut and stack small diameter timber using a chain saw (CS30.2) 



We can carry out spraying operations. Safely delivering selective or total herbicides. We hold City and Guilds and NSPTC certification in Safe Use of pesticides (PA1) and hand held applicators (PA6, including atomisers and aquatic environments).






We purchase plants for our clients from reputable and affordable wholesalers. However, we are also trained in propagation and can assist our clients ensure the continuance and vigour of thier favourite specimens by propagating replacement plants.  


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