Prices - not to painful.

Gardening tasks vary in complexity and difficulty I would love to attend free of charge, meet you, discuss and agree your requirements and provide you with a written estimate which clearly sets out the work we are offering and the costs incurred.

There are two options to employ me by;
  • 12 month contract or
  • Individual arrangement (casual work).
Generally, contracted gardening/land management arrangements suit clients who have a fixed budget and want security against future price rises etc. Individual ad-hoc arrangements (casual work) is preferential for clients who don't want to be tied to a 12 month contract and want the option to upscale or downscale work. Individual arrangements also suit clients who are arranging 'one off' items of work whereas contracted work offers best value as my expenses are lower due to simpler administration and enhanced employment security. I can explain both options in person. Either way when work is complete my automated book-keepers will invoice you monthly on my behalf giving directions for payment. I accept payment by cash, bank transfer, cheque, debit card, or paypal.

Payment by cash, debit card, cheque or bank transfer.


DUDLEY GARDENS™ TEL: 07905 060021