Our conscience

We are genuine about our comitment to the environment, read the following and judge for yourself.
The electric van

It's a work in progress, insured, taxed, registered just needs its q plates and spray paint. Yes, I know electric power still creates pollution at the site of the power station but the generation is much more efficient about 80g of CO/KM against 147g CO/KM, and as suppliers move to renewable sources such as wave and wind power this pollution is reduced further. I also have an efficient diesel van for heavier jobs.




The argument is: two stroke versus hand tools. Two stroke equipment is fast and very cost effective. However, I don't like it, its noisy and polluting. My compromise is to use it as little as possible and when possible use modern tools and Aspen clean fuel. In December 2011 I volunteered to take part in a workshop by a leading manufacturer who is hoping to develop a viable alternative, if they do I'll buy it. 

The debate rages in relation to the impact on our planet of using peat in compost. I am not a qualified environmentalist I therefore have to be guided by those that are; they say that the destruction of peat bogs accounts for 630000 tonnes of carbon emmisions a year. The safest option seems therefore to purchase peat free compost and add further organic matter such as well rotted manure when required. This is company policy.      

I am trained and licensed to use all pesticides from hand held applicators. However, there is an ethical obligation to use a broader approach when considering environmental controls, particularly in the domestic environment. The broader approach encompasses alternatives such as cultural, physical and biological controls.