Going green


Gardeners have to travel from site to site carrying equipment. One of the main things I could do therefore was address the impact of my frequent short journeys between sites. I have tried many different approaches.

 I have experimented with load carrying bikes such as Pashley bikes. First I tried a version of the ice cream bike, I thought I would convert it to a lock box for my tools, this didn't really work for gardening due to the nature of most my tools being long handled. Then I tried a royal mail depot style bike 'the loadster'. Regrettably the Surrey Hills defeated me. The bikes were never going to be practical for me to cart commercial petrol mowers around up and down hillside.

I then progressed to 'Stanley' who was a towrite TTT1000 electric vehicle, formerly employed in service with the NHS at a large hospital site.

Staney got registered, taxed insured and hand painted and was used briefly before technical failure. I tried to get the faults remedied, but the inception of electric vehicles was plagued by poor support which was limited and very expensive. Stanley was rehomed to Loughborough university where he became an engineering project.

I then progressed to Bernadette, a LPG berlingo, this was more successful. Bernadette ran very well for several years.

 Now finally I have had the chance to upgrade and I have returned to an all electric vehicle, Kerry the Kangoo